Personality Plus

Went to the Personality-in-a-Box store today to ask if they had anything in the Breezy line of personalities. The salesperson, clearly a Persuasive type tried to show me a couple of other shades but I was pretty set on my selection. So she went in the back where their inventory of personality boxes were stacked, and came back with a Breezy in size six.

Now, see, they have a rule in that particular store that doesn’t allow you to try on the personalities before you buy them – something about personality disorder viruses and using socks – I don’t know – so I had to pay for it and take it home. I was a little worried because I had done this before and found out that the personalities I had bought just didn’t fit me.

So, imagine my surprise when I opened the box, tried on the Breezy and it fit like a glove. How do you think it looks?

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1 Response to Personality Plus

  1. barbara toboni says:

    Donna: I wish it were that easy to walk into a store and order a new personality. Cool daydream!

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