How He Sees Things

Round and reflective, they sit on his nose
adding new dimension to his face, two
spots magnifying great big blue eyes.

I’ve looked through them
to see the world as he must without them…
fuzzy, wavy, unclear.

Through their lens, he spies on our world,
with a vision of how it should be
if only others could see it as he.

A visual thinker, one who
slaps ideas up on the white board
of his mind and stares.

Rearranging, stacking, lining up,
Shadowing, coloring in, until
he is ready to show me.

Sometimes he makes these points of view
rosier than they look to me, sometimes starker
but always, for me they are easier to see,

painted with his words.

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1 Response to How He Sees Things

  1. Barbara Toboni says:

    This must be your life partner you are talking about here? How you communicate ideas? Not sure what it means but I love how it sounds.

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