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Why I Write

Sometimes the words creep out like a five-year old asking for water being told to go back to bed for the third time cranky and demanding. Sometimes the words rush out like stale air from a popped balloon, random and … Continue reading

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Not With A Bang, Part 2

The neighbors, she remembers now, do they have to be told? The Jones, right behind them, the haole high achievers whose landscaping on the back slope of their property is 20 times better than the front yards of the rest of the … Continue reading

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Not With A Bang, But a Whimper, Part One

She and Pete had taken pains with this room, their bedroom, when they built this place. As bedrooms of newlyweds should, it had as its centerpiece the biggest,softest, bounciest bed they could buy then on their budget. This bed is in front of … Continue reading

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Be Prepared

First, Dave.  Sixty-two, active, a live wire.  Dead on the sofa when his best friend came to pick him up for surfing early one morning.  Heart. Next, Sheri.  Fifty-two,  fat-ish, fun.  Didn’t wake up when her husband brought in her … Continue reading

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