On Love Dying Young

Maybe if we had been older

Or if you had tallked more often

And I hadn’t rattled on and on

As short days passed into nights.

Maybe if always being right

Was not most important to us,

Baldly insisting on the win

Instead of listening for the loss.

Maybe if we hadn’t moved to

That place you called home so long

Ago to play house like the grown-ups

Who hadn’t taught us right from wrong. 

Maybe if there had been more Sundays

To lie on our sides and make love

Slowly instead of always running hot

Fevers that left burning lips raw.

Maybe if we saved the kids for

Later or never at all,  so life could

Give us adventure and reckless

Abandon to wave at backwards.

Maybe if we dreamed love poems

To recite in the cool of night,

Replacing harsh words written

In the thoughts racing over our lives.

 Maybe if we had known then

On young arrogance, use salve

Not salt to gently rub  in

With hope, not hate and flying fears. 

Maybe if unripe fruit could still

Taste sweet and time did not count all

Passing days so quickly and move

Beyond our reach relentlessly.

Maybe if pebbles turned back in

To rocks and the waterfall gathered

Itself to meet the spring from whence

It fell to small drops of aloneness.

 Maybe then, with chance and time

We could have stayed us longer

And not lost it all, forever gone

To that island where maybe if dies.

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7 Responses to On Love Dying Young

  1. Marilyn Frick says:

    I can see how this was painful to write. It cuts to the quick. Beautiful.

  2. Patti nunn says:

    I love this Donna. Your poem just captured the essence of what I so often have felt. Patti

  3. Peg says:

    Excellent, keep up the great work

  4. Karen Colllins says:

    you have a gift, Donna. thanks for sharing your writing with me. made me yearn to go back, try again but knowing i can’t and all the if’s are too burdensome

  5. dianneaigaki says:

    Donna-that is a powerful poem; I especially like these magical, potent lines:

    Maybe if pebbles turned back in

    To rocks and the waterfall gathered

    Itself to meet the spring


  6. Kathy says:

    Poignant and beautiful. You capture life so vividly.

  7. Barbara Toboni says:

    Donna: Maybe if you had never written down this wonderful poem and the words were still jumbling around in your head, I’d be sorry!

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